Bridge Score Cards

Free to Download: Contract score pad and Chicago Score Card

Guide to Solo Trim & Tune

An analysis of the different trim guides available online.

Wordpress Windguru Plugin

Weewx Byte Weather Template

Funky Skin for the Weewx Weather Software.

Tallulah the Tractor

Well, the inevitable tractor 2 is a WheelHorse 227-5 with 17HP Kawasaki engine.

Briggs 18.5HP Project

Found this 18.5 HP engine located in deepest darkest north eastern Scotland but for £70 including delivery it had to be worth a go.

Tilly the Tractor.

It sounds like the title to a children’s story book but this is the vintage Wheel Horse B165 tractor that we’ve acquired to do some pulling in the wood.

Wheel Horse Downloads

Useful links, pdfs and other such files for tractors and their engines.

Tontec Touch Screen Set Up

Setting up Tontec Touch Screen for the Raspberry Pi.

Weewx on Rasp!

Installing Weewx and a La Crosse WS2350 Weather Station on a Raspberry Pi (RPi)

Arduino Capacitive Switches

When I saw this Arduino capacitive switching demoed at UWE, Bristol I was sold on the little board. Pinball with paper clips and Maltesers!

Windguru Plugins

Wordpress and Joomla Plugins for Windguru


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Weewx or coding.


Four van conversions and I think I'm getting the hang of it!


Interest in weather is directly proportional to the number of wind or water related sports one does.


A recent acquisition to the interest bank.