This section requires a statement of intent, setting out how you intend to achieve your management objectives and manage important features and issues identified within the previous sections of the plan. The information provided should be succinct.

Mgt Objective / Feature Outline Work Prescriptions/Operations Year
3 There are a number of hung up trees that need to be brought safely down so that friends and family can safely visit. Winter 2016.
3 Move brash to the pole marked boundaries (particularly the north) to develop a more permanent Earth Bund. Winter 2016.
1 A number of large trees are already down, so gather those for early wood. Winter 2016.
3 Repair stock fence on Southern Boundary adjacent to a public right of way. Spring 2017.
1 In the far SW corner there is evidence of natural reseeding and regeneration of Ash. These should be protected using the sapling protectors on site and the surrounding conifers thinned to allow greater light to reach them 2017 onwards.
2 Thin the Conifers leaving a number of larger ones in small groups. Reseed with native broadleaves e.g. Ash (self seeding?), Beech etc. in keeping with the other woods in the area. The conifer timber will be either be laid to make suitable wildlife habitats or dried for building, processing, firewood or other bush craft activities. Where necessary it will be removed from the site. 2017 onwards.
1 Thin the coppice area so that the trees left can grow quickly to a suitable size for coppicing. This will include the felling of some larger Ash trees to improve light penetration into the middle canopy. 2017 onwards.
2 & 3 Where possible all brash will be used to strengthen boundary lines or in the creation of dead/rotting wood habitats. 2017 onwards.

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