The Vision

Describe your long-term vision for the woodland(s).

Our primary aim for the wood is to create a relaxing and enjoyable place for friends and family to spend time (including the occasional camp). To that end we want to create an open habitat space on the western edge that provides light and views across the valley.

We would like it to be child friendly where young people can come and engage in camp/bush craft activities such as den building whilst learning about woodlands and the local wildlife and gaining an appreciate for the importance of our natural spaces and how we much conserve them. In the future we may decide to run occasional 2 day campcraft courses with DOE students to prepare them for their expeditions. These courses would use the old game area at the top of the wood.

Another core aim for the wood is to provide timber and firewood for the owners and those helping with the management. This will include opportunities for experimenting with common woodland activities such as small scale charcoal making.

We are keen that the wood will be conserved for future generations. We want our management to have a positive impact on the local flora and fauna. We would like to improve diversity and ensure that the wood is able to deal with potential threats.

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