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These Bridge Score sheets were made by my wife for her Aunt, who plays a lot of bridge and had some ancient photocopied score pads. She asked me to put the score cards onto her computer, so she could print them out and so I made her these Word .doc versions:

A contract score pad with a place for individual scores and ‘we’ ‘they’ columns:

And a Chicago Score Card, with space for four Chicagos, Partner, the contract and score.

I’m making these Bridge Score Cards free to download, and I hope that they aid you in your Bridge playing.  Just download them, print on to A4 paper or card and cut into individual score cards.

Free Downloads: Contract Scorepad Word Document for Bridge (A4 .doc version)

Free Download: Chicago Score Card for Bridge (A4 .doc version)

Alternate Versions

Compatibility:  these files have been produced using Mac Word but successfully used on Windows XP by our aunt.  If you are having issues opening and printing please:

  1. Check you are using appropriate software for the version you have downloaded
  2. Check your printer settings.  In the UK we use A4 as default so everything is set to A4 except where indicated.

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  • Rodney Huggins

    Thanks you for this excellent tool which my four friends and myself can use in future (we sit out one day in five!)

    Rodney Huggins

  • Phyllis Wilkinson

    you did a wondeful job, love them

  • Mary Hurst

    Thanks for the download, but could not get it to print three cards on one sheet. Only one whole and two partials printed. Had to improvise.

    • Chris

      Hi, I suspect this is because we’ve sized the sheets to A4 for UK printing and I’m guessing you are using US Letter sizing? Try adjusting your print settings and let us know how you get on.


  • carol

    Please help – I finally found exactly the sheets that my husband wants but I am unable to print – being computer illiterate — any help appreciated

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for this! I was looking everywhere for We/They bridge tallies for my mom and couldn’t find any. This is a Godsend! Thanks!

  • Don Greifenkamp

    Is there any chance I could download this form that is editable? I play bridge with 7 other guys and would like to customize it.


    • CDB

      There are word.doc version already available for download so go for your life. The only thing I ask is that these are free so I would like anything derived from these to remain free!

  • Dawn Anderson Pollock

    I live in Trinidad in the Caribbean. I have searched for score pads! No where to be found. This is Wonderful! Thank You so Much!

  • joy

    I would love to print this but my mac won’t. Is this compatible with a Mac?

    • CDB

      I have uploaded some alternative versions and made some remarks regarding compatibility. Hopefully that will help you fix your problem. Good luck and enjoy!

  • Betty Guess

    do you have tallies for 4 tables of bridge? Impossible to find in stores in US

  • Darla Lewis

    Do you by chance have score sheets for (36 board) numbered -8 on each column?

  • ez altomy

    great addition to bridge

  • Gita Bilton

    Well done. Thank you for doing this web page. A brilliant idea. I am looking for a 3 table Tally card. Have you designed one of these?

  • Maida Jean

    Thank you for offering this. Volunteered at the lat minute to have a group come to play and found myself with no score cards. Glad to find yours. Cheers

  • mickey

    Thank you so much . All I needed was a good pair of scissors and I am off and running.

    Now I need the actual scoring guide that is on the kind of score pads that you can buy. How about that?:)

  • John

    First score sheet typically used for rubber bridge you need 200 points to win the rubber, 2/1 300 points above the line 2/0 500 points.
    Chicago score sheet 1 none vunerable, 2/3 dealer vunerable 4 all vulnerable, I suggest you look up the rules and scoring.

    • CDB

      Sorry don’t you don’t like them. I don’t really know anything about Bridge – just copied what I was asked to copy as an act of kindness and put them here out of generosity. If you would like to contribute alternatives I would be very happy to add them to this page.

  • c hesketh

    thank you so much . needed them for charity completion and we had forgotten to get them as most folk are playing duplicate.

  • shirley

    Thanks….love being able to print my own anytime I need them and as often as I need them!!! Beats shopping for them and certainly less expensive!

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