Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term applied to marketing your website and promoting it online.   An successfully optimised site will:

  • Get better search engine rankings for the appropriate search terms.
  • See increased traffic as the optimised listing will attract more potential customers.
  • Have reduced bounce-rate as visitors will arrive on pages tuned to their search phrase or keyword search.
  • Benefit from increased visitor time on site as page content will be written to target customers.
  • Have increased goal success as visitors will attracted to complete calls to action.

If you are undertaking a pay-per-click campaign (adwords) SEO can ensure that you are not wasting unnecessary budget on inappropriate search terms.

How can we help?

Website and Market Analysis

We can undertake a keyword analysis of your content and the search engine statistics for your target market.   Once complete we will make recommendations that will fine tune your website to the common search terms and those with least competition.  When we tune a site we will discuss with you how page structure, titles and content can be adjusted to include those important keywords and to meet the needs of your customers.

Search Engine Submission

In addition to submitting your website to the main search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo we can undertake to submit your website to any number of search engines, indexes and directories (free and paid).

Article Directories

Do you have interesting articles or videos about your industry that would be of interest to other individuals?  We can help you prepare these for submission to article directories and video engines (e.g. You Tube).  Once submitted we can also promote them through the common social media channels – see our special Social Media Campaign page.

Web Standards

Did you know that  there are variations on how Web Browsers will display a webpage?

By ensuring your website meets web standards such as valid html and CSS you can improve the chances that every visitor to the website will have an enjoyable visit.  By looking at Analytics reports we can advise on your visitor demographics and the most common visitor profile.    Once this information is known your website can be designed around it.

Analytics Reports

Sadly, Search Engine Optimisation comes with NO guarantee of success.   For as long as your competition invest in website SEO and technology continues to evolve the playing field will change.  By providing regular reports on your online presence including quantitative and qualitative feedback and recommendations you are equiped to adapt to the changing competition.