As a keen kitesurfer and sailor I’m always looking at the wind and when there is no wind I’m looking at the weather to see what other fun things I could do outside.  I did start a OU course in Understanding Weather but life commitments and distractions took priority.

We started with a simple Technoline branded La Crosse WS2350 Weather Station and in Jan 2014 upgraded to a Davis Vantage Vue when the Anemometer failed on the WS2350.  Our station publishes data to Wunderground and to its own subdomain.


Weather Forecast Sites

  • BBC Weather – BBC weather service with data supplied by the MET office.
  • MET Office – The UK’s national weather service.
  • Wunderground – The internet’s first weather service primarily serviced by personal weather stations.
  • XCWeather – Forecast provided by the US Government GFS model updated 6 hourly. Uses 1/2 degree (~ 50km) resolution – models at this resolution will not reflect local topographical variations.
  • Windguru – as XCWeather, Windguru uses publicly available data published typically by the NOAA. There are a number of models presented which are described here.
  • Windfinder – based on the GFS Model as released by the NOAA. Uses 27km resolution and with the potential for email/sms alerts.
  • WeatherSpark (2012-06-07) – provides neat graphs of the recent conditions with a short range forecast.  Historical data included with information on forecast accuracy.  Has interesting links to other weather sites under about.
  • NetWeather – lots of good UK based weather fun.

Weather Models (free & open source)

  • WRF (as used by WindGuru)

Weather Data

Understanding the Weather

Decoding the Weather Broadcasts

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