Wordpress Windguru Plugin


Wind forecasts for ten stonking beaches around Bristol.

Weewx Byte Weather Template

Funky Skin for the Weewx Weather Software.

Guide to Solo Trim & Tune

An analysis of the different trim guides available online.

Writing a woodland management plan.

Lawnmowers for a woodland?

Stoves for Woodlands, Bushcraft and Wildcamping.

Buying a stove for your woodland or camping expeditions can be daunting with a vast selection on the market and strong opinions on the forums. Here's my take on it.

Pi Hacking

Creating a small RPi network for old school hacking and packet sniffing!

Tontec Touch Screen Set Up

Setting up Tontec Touch Screen for the Raspberry Pi.

Weewx on Rasp!

Installing Weewx and a La Crosse WS2350 Weather Station on a Raspberry Pi (RPi)

Arduino Capacitive Switches

When I saw this Arduino capacitive switching demoed at UWE, Bristol I was sold on the little board. Pinball with paper clips and Maltesers!

Windguru Plugins

Wordpress and Joomla Plugins for Windguru


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Weewx or coding.


Four van conversions and I think I'm getting the hang of it!


Interest in weather is directly proportional to the number of wind or water related sports one does.


A recent acquisition to the interest bank.