NQT Teacher of ICT (2004 – 2005)

Broadlands had a very different intake to what I had been use to at my training school. The students tended to come from less privileged backgrounds with lower academic ability. During my NQT year I was able to consolidate on my training by extending existing skills and developing new strategies to deal with those challenges.

As the designated school for BANES I worked with a number of VI and low ability pupils which developed my experience of a wider teaching spectrum. As an Yr7 tutor I gained a good insight into the transition from Yr6 to Yr7. As a tutor I was responsible for delivering the schools PSHE scheme of work which has allowed me to develop different my style of teaching in the context of another subject.  During the year I extended my experience at KS4 by teaching Clait, Clait Plus and ASDAN and was able to develop lessons that prepared the pupils for their exams. With ASDAN I was given total control and produced four coursework pieces including a magazine cover.

I also contributed to the whole school by rebuilding their website and developing database driven online news, jobs and calendar systems. Additionally I placed a large number of the ICT schemes of work online so they are accessible from outside of school by the pupils. With all schemes of work I have included assessment guidelines and lesson objectives so that the pupils are able to monitor their own progress. These schemes of work were developed alongside the KS3 national strategy.

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