ICT Coordinator for Key Stages 4 and 5 (2005 – 2012)

In 2005 I joined Cotham School as I was eager to teach Post-16. I was quickly promoted to ICT Coordinator for Key Stages 4 and 5. During my time there I was responsible for the introduction of several courses at Key Stage 4 and 5 including: A Level Computing & ICT, WJEC Short GCSE and BTEC IT Level 2 & 3. This experience means I am highly experienced at writing schemes of learning and creating coursework guidance suitable for students of all abilities. Lessons are planned with clear learning objectives and teaching outcomes. I ensure they are flexible enough to meet the needs all students.

The BTEC courses I implemented were very successful and every year students exceed their targets. Management of these courses was enhanced by the development of an online BTEC management system with access for staff, students and parents. The system enabled: coursework progress to be tracked against targets and deadlines; instant feedback on student/group performance; and AFL opportunities for students by linking tasks to marking criteria via a traffic light system. It was successfully implemented across the school and staff training and support was provided.

A Level Computing is a particularly challenging course for students. Initially I used Visual Basic but switched to Python for its platform independence last year. For the projects students produce Web-Based LAMP Applications aided by the CodeIgniter framework which sped up the development process.

As Key Stage 4/5 Coordinator I represented the ICT department at forum meetings; and experienced the setting and managing of deadlines leading to the moderation and submission of coursework to exam boards. I wrote performance reviews for year groups and exams comparing results against targets and evaluating the performance of the department. These evaluations meant we were able to successfully introduce the same entry profile requirements for A Level Computing as Maths, which led to significant positive VA for the course.

In September 2010 dropped to a 0.5 part‐time contract for two years so I could develop my skills as a website designer and software programmer.