For the third and final time – CONVERSION

So this is the last time I am going to do a conversion. I have done it twice before on this van and never really been happy. So this is the plan……

Get a respray. Keeping yellow so outside and inside match. Dropped it off today so should be back in time for half-term. This is the planned outcomePlylining. Now should this be plylined first or second? Well I think it depends where I decided to run the cables. If I go with either the roof or the floor then I should be OK if I change my mind. If I go behind the panels as I have done before then I could become unstuck.

What’s the consensus on cable runs?

Carpet: The type of carpet I go for is also going to be dictated by the plying method. The last two times I have used thick carpet and it stuck out – didn’t like that at all. Want something thinner this time.
Which vertical pairing do you think we look the business in the bus?

Cabinets. Not going to make my own this time. Fancy some nice Ikea ones built in like suggested on the forum: Ikea Faktum range. 3x 50cm x 70cm wall units 1x 60cm x 92cm wall unit 1x 60cm x 35cm fan cabinet. The question is do you go with Abstract at £245.18 or Applad at £122.79. Well this seems to depend on whether I want to paint the doors my preferred colour.

Has any one ever had any success with painting Ikea cabinets?

RockNRoll Bed: I have dumped the idea of making a bed out of the double seat which came in the van and am going to buy a rock and roll. Its a battle between Cannon’s Forge and Bluebird and this question will only be answered when I get some more details.

Cooker:Currently I have a Camping Chef one but it rattles and shakes. So time for something more sleek that will match the rest of the interior. A nice Smev it is then with two burners and not sink.

Freestanding Table: This is going to be the bomb especially with both our captains chairs on swivel bases. The question is recessed base or a proud one. How deep does a recess one go? I’m a victim-in-waiting for leaping out of bed and wrecking my heel on one if its proud.

Electrics: I already have this area pretty well sorted with a phat gel battery and BEP Marine split charge system. This conversion will be to LED lighting from Ikea and there will be a few tweaks here and there.

Sidebars: This is the compromise on the colour-coded bumpers. It links the black of the bumpers together and makes it all look so much better.

Cab: The cab needs attention. My little AA friend had drilled holes everywhere and I intend to fix them. Its coming out and both it and the door panels are going to be given a new lease of life. Hoping to get some fancy dash fronts as well so really spice up the bling.

Final Touches: So the final touches for the lady are troughs for the side and rear doors. A fitted carpet from MegaVanMats.

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