Tidying up the wiring.

So today I have been busy removing the last of the ex-AA wiring and sorting out a few other bits and bobs. The old interior lighting circuit also didn’t work so I wanted to get this fixed and ready before the new insulation went in.

I have also been investigating the idea of putting the leisure battery under the bonnet alongside the main one. So another job for today was to see if they will sit alongside each other.

Lastly I had a big tidy of all the other cabling in the van making sure that I had all the cables in position as once the new plylining is in I won’t be able to get to the cables again.Ex-AA Wiring: The last of the AA cabling has been removed although I took and bit of a short-cut with the trailer lights and will need to fix this at a later date. I couldn’t be bothered to sort out the mess of relays and cables left by the AA and there have been intermediate problems in this area so I have just cut the lot out for now. I know that I will regret this if and when I decide to add the tow hitch again but you live and learn.

Dual Batteries: So the simple answer in my case is NO! I know it can be done and one website called vwbooks has a excellent page on t4 stuff in particular a good page on dual batteries. My issue is one of size. I have previously purchased a very large 110Ah Gel Battery and at 350mm x 175mm x 220mm it is too big to fit alongside the main battery.

Interesting the main battery has gone flat on a couple of occasions previously so as I had everything out I took the opportunity to replace it. Cutting a long story short the battery that had been previously fitted was about 2 thirds of the actual size it should be – I can only guess how this occurred!

If anyone else does have a plan to do this – don’t give up. There is a chap on ebay called jon1739 who makes dual battery trays. He will make a custom size but stocks two sizes 287mm x 355mm and 257mm x 355mm which he says both fit in T4s.

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