Side Bars

Stainless Steel Side Bars from Will at Tidy-Transporters. Read more to find out about the fitting.So I fitted these bars on my own with no help and other than one small frustration they went on easy as. I attached the rear end first as this is the easy end to do. Don’t do the bolt to tight as it may cause you more grief when fitting the front end.

I also found mine more difficult as I am lowered and without ramps the van was a touch close to the ground.

Getting the front bit on was where the main frustration lay. You have a little oblong piece of metal which has to be popped into a slot. Once in you then need to re-attach the bolt. Maybe there is a way to get the metal piece inside the body work without take the bolt off but it didn’t seem to work for me. I found the drivers side even more of a challenge as there is one less hole for you to access the frame which makes retrieving metal even more frustrating. Anyway they eventually were attached at both ends and then I went about getting them looking the same.

Improvements: Could Will improve these bars? At this price probably not but it would be good if the mounts were attached with slots rather than holes so you had up and down adjustment at one end and in/out at the other.

Now I need to find someone who can make some matching roof bars – Will?

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