This post was originally about the floor being done but since suffering a camera card blow out and losing a load of photos from the process of carpeting I though I would update it and make it carpeting focused. You can also see the wheel arches that I have carpeted.

Read on to find out my experiences on carpeting vans.So the first time I carpeted my van I didn’t worry about between all the panels I only did the panels themselves. This was a mistake especially in a old AA van which has a pretty battered interior. The second time around I decided to carpet the lot, this has been a revelation and I am really pleased with the results. Below are a few pointers I have discovered from carpeting.

1) Use sharp Stanley knife blades and replace frequently. Don’t be a Scrooge when it comes to using new blades. It makes such a difference to the quality of corners and curves you will be able to do if you use new blades.

2) Corners

3) Curves

4) B&Q Value Clamps

5) Screw holes.


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