Putting Speakers in the Rear Door Panels

My previous conversions have had a simple audio system setup of 4 standard speakers with a single 12″ subwoofer driven by a Fly Amp. However the new conversion does not suit a single 12 so I am having to rethink and redesign. So the following shows the efforts involved in getting 8″ SubWoofers and 5″ Component Mid Range drivers into rear door panels.The new system will consist of two 1000W 8″ InPhase subwoofers installed into the door panels alongside 5 1/4″ mid-range speakers from a 2-way component set. The tweeters from this set will be installed above the rear doors in a bulkhead box which will also hold the crossovers and some halogen lights.

So onto making the rear door panels. The standard panels were made from 6mm ply – this is erally not string enough for the kind of power I was planning to install. So I needed to strengthen these panels before the speakers could be fitted. I had originally planed to use some shallow depth pioneer subwoofers but these were not avaliable and I was directed towards the InPhase subwoofers I finally chose. So my initial attempt at strengthening the panels was to bond and attach a piece of 18mm plywood to the door panel as shown in the following photo.

When I tried to fit the InPhase subwoofers I made a frightening discovery – the doors are different. Firstly, the rear wiper mechcanisms are orietated differently. So although I could fit one of the mid-range speakers right up in the top corner this just wasn’t possible on the other door. Secondly, because of the number plate mount inset the depth avalaible for the second subwoofer is dramatically reduced.

The first problem was overcome by moving the mid-range driver to a slightly different position. The second problem required a more dramtic solution. A carpeted frame was constructed from bonded 12mm and 18mm plywood. This gave the distance required to installed the subwoofer on the second side so was repeated on both for symmetry.


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