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So since the last update I have suffered a memory card blow out on my camera phone and this has meant that I have lost a large number of photos showing the development of the inside once the carpeting had been completed. This is a bit of a shame as I had hoped to discuss my experiences of installing Ikea cabinets and the like.This latest photo shows the Ikea cabinets installed with their fronts; the CF bed in its bed mode and was taken just after I had installed the SMEV cooker which I purchased from Leisure Shop Direct.


I was quite pleased with how easy it was to install the ikea cabinets but I need make a couple of mistakes and then have to make the subsquent recovery! My first mistake was to put the cabinets together way before I needed them. I wanted to see what they would look like and made other excuses to myself. This in itself was not a problem, however, some damp got into our garage (or maybe I put something wet on them) and one of the cupboard tops expanded. Now I have been able to hide this but to be honest I would rather it had not of happened at all – you have been warned! 😉

The second mistake was late in the day after a really successful day of cutting a shaping so I could fit the cabinets around the wheelarch boxes. The upper Ikea cabinet needed to be cut at an angle so it would fit back against the sides. I assumed in my tiredness that it was straight line – it isn’t. 🙁 Back to Ikea for a second cabinet and a little bit later I had successfully cut this cabinet in with a nice curved line.

Other issues to consider before you start:

1) Be careful how you cut otherwise you will ruin your nice white surfaces. I used a Jigsaw so the underside was always the cleaner cut. Had I used a handsaw it would have been the top side.

2) How are you going to open the cupboard doors once the bed is installed? I have fixed both the 3rd and 4th bottom cabinets and now access them from the 2nd and 5th respectivly.

3) Before cutting out the backs of cabinets put in new corner supports. This means that the cabinet will stay rigid once you have removed the back. I also found it easier to install new corner supports while the cabinet was still stable.

Another post on this blog and many threads on the forum have discussed the security of untested RnR beds. In response many have raised the issue that cabinets could be an equal problem in an accident. How you attach your cabinets to the vehicle is your decision. I have used lots of metal brackets bought from B&Q and secured to both the sides and wall. Additionally all my cabinets are tied together using the attachments provided in the pack.

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