Web Hosting Explained

The best way to think about a website is to think about a 24/7 corner shop.

If you wanted to open such a shop you must first find premises that people can visit whatever time of the day they like.  Your own home is typically a private place and although some people may choose to open a shop in their home most of us do not.   So instead business owners look to rent property for example in a shopping centre.   Web Hosting is just the same.

There are three types of Web Hosting:

  • Shared Hosting – like a market place where you are all on the same computer, sharing all its resources and sharing the costs.  The downside is with smaller barriers around you there are greater security risks and you have to be more considerate of those around you.
  • Virtual Private Servers – like having your own shop inside a shopping centre.  Again you share resources and the costs but this time you have a reasonable barrier around you and therefore have more control over exactly what your server does and does not.
  • Dedicated Servers – One Computer and its all yours!   Obviously the most expensive but the most control and freedom.