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We’re doing quite a few social media set ups at the moment, and one of the things that we typically do is set up a site so that when you put a blog post on to your website, it passes that blog post on to your Facebook page and Twitter account. And sometimes, we need to send stuff in the other direction.

Chris made a neat little Joomla plugin that will send posts from Joomla to Facebook and twitter, but there are several ways and directions (?) to skin a cat. (Don’t worry, we’d never really skin a cat.  Especially not Buster.  Though he’d make a great fur muff…)  Here is how to make your social media talk to one another:

Blog to Facebook

We used to use the facebook app, Social RSS. But more recently, we’ve found RSS.Graffiti to be better. If you want to use Social RSS – these are the instructions:

  1. Go to the app page, and click on “Add to my Page” (in the left column).
  2. In the pop up box, click on “Add to Page” on the page you want it on.  It will then just close in a scary manner. Don’t worry.
  3. Go to your page, and you’ll see a new tab on the left hand side, marked RSS/Blog.  Click it, and it will come up with a blank page and and “Edit settings” link.  The link will open a new page.
  4. Put your RSS feed in the “Feed 1” box.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the button to “Send to your Wall” for feed 1.  Then click “Update”.  When the pop-up asks you about upgrading, click “OK” and it will go away.

Done. It should put up your latest post onto Facebook, so you know it’s working. Social/RSS has other settings, but the defaults are okay.

There are of course other ways of feeding an RSS to Facebook, especially using the FB ‘Notes’ facility. This stopped working at one point, but is now back. The main limitation with Notes is that it looks quite ugly, and doesn’t have a good facility to get back to the blog/website easily.

Facebook to Twitter

This is pretty simple to do through the Facebook interface.

  1. Go to: when you’re logged in.
  2. Open the link “Link to Twitter” in a new page or tab in your browser – (On a Mac, Apple click; on a PC, Control click).  This is important – otherwise it doesn’t seem to do anything!
  3. Log in to your Twitter account, and then click “Allow”.


This will only send your the posts you actually create to Twitter. So it won’t send likes, comments on other posts or your own posts, or automatically generated content.  So if you have Social/RSS or RSS Graffiti and this, you still need to feed your Blog to Twitter directly.

Blog to both Twitter and Facebook

The best thing I’ve found for this is Twitterfeed .

  1. Sign in with an account you already have.  It will either ask you to sign in, or to confirm that you’re happy to allow twitter feed access.
  2. Add the feed url in to the box, and test it.
  3. Then put in your facebook url and twitter url in.


Note: you can configure the settings of Twitterfeed, but the default ones are fine.

Note II: you also don’t have to use Twitterfeed for both Twitter and Facebook, you can just use it for one.

Note III: you can also use hootsuite to do this though it’s not quite so pretty as it doesn’t pull in a photo, just a twitter style sentence and a link.

Twitter to Facebook

The first thing I’d say is – really?  Twitter and Facebook both cope with blog content quite well, and the daily or bi-daily Facebook posts go okay to Twitter.  The 140 character regular updates don’t go so well to Facebook most of the time.  But, having said that, if you think it’s the way forward, try or RSS.Graffiti


So there you go. Your social media cascade is ready – just blog and let the feeds do the rest.  🙂  Well… until you actually have to engage with people… but that’s for another day.

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