Social Media Campaign Work Load

If you’re thinking of starting a social media campaign for your company, you need to know how much time it’s going to take and what the work load is on a day to day basis. This is a quick guide to what you need to do to keep up a strong presence on social media and how much time it takes.


Daily tasks:

  • Topical tweets
  • Replies to any @ messages (except spam)
  • Retweet favourable mentions.
  • Do searches of major key words and check if anyone is saying anything that is worth responding to or retweeting.
  • Reply to any direct messages.

~ 15 minutes

Weekly tasks:

  • Schedule the weeks tweets, approximately 1 per day (via Hootsuite or similar). Normally these are scheduled for during work hours (rather than the evening or night.)
  • Check new followers and see if there is anyone you want to follow back. Add any followers who you don’t want to follow directly into the appropriate list.
  • Do thank yous for the retweets and friends friday (#ff)
  • Do searches of more marginal key words to see if any important or interesting mentions.
  • Check friends accounts to see if there are any interesting/relevant tweets which might have been missed.

~ 60 minutes


Daily tasks:

  • Reply to any direct messages or questions posted on the ‘wall’.

~ 10 minutes

Weekly tasks:

  • Schedule approximately weekly or biweekly posts.
  • Look in the page’s ‘home’ feed to see if any of the your liked pages have put anything up, and comment/like where appropriate.
  • Check the discussion board for any new posts

~ 20 minutes


Weekly tasks:

  • Check comments – responding where appropriate and deleting any spam or abusive comments.
  • Look at friends requests and check if any are associated with you, and friend them.

~ 10 minutes


You will want to feed your social media with a strong blog presence. This should be a post at least every week.

~ 30 minutes per blog post

How much time do I need to spend on a Social Media Campaign?

If you add this up, you’re talking about a work load somewhere in the region of 5 hours a week to keep up a good presence on the social web.

This guide is drawn from our own experience of social media campaigns and obviously depends how much you really want to do. It is easy to end up spending a lot of time at the beginning and then tailing quickly off to nothing. It’s better to start steady and sustain your presence if you can.

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