Project Cam Rig

There is a current craze for recording yourself doing stuff and posting it to YouTube, Vimeo at al. While some of these videos are quite amazing and/or so obviously being used as commercial promotions I am not sure that all the ego-enhancing content produced is that good. That said, I cannot deny that it doesn’t have a place and that I don’t like reviewing my achievements or learning from previous attempts.

Having bought two different waterproof cameras (Sanya Xacti and Oregon ATC2K) in the past and been disappointed I was reluctant to spend out on the very popular GoPro in case I was yet again disappointed. I was also put of with the thought of traveling with more than one camera when Kitesurf gear readily raises the eyebrows of most departure checkins.

Just as I was giving up, I found an American company called CamRig producing a versatile mounting kit that can be used with many small compact cameras. I would have purchased straight away but with no UK importer I decided to try and make my own first using our school supply of acrylic offcuts!

Big respect goes to The Hulk who helped me build this rig. The first step was to produce something in card we could wrap around the camera to ensure it fitted OK. Once we had this sorted we set about folding the acrylic into shape. Here are some photos of the rig:

Here is the first test flight taken using a Pentax W60 which for its size is not that bad!

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