The best platform for websites? WordPress

wordpressThe WordPress Content Management System is currently one of the most popular CMS around (Bloomberg Interview 2010), powering 12% of the web.  We thought it would be worth taking a look at why WordPress is a great choice for your personal or business website and why it’s become so successful.

We have used a number of different Content Management Systems (CMS) and Frameworks to design websites for organisations in and around Bristol.  Previously we favored Joomla for the simplicity of its menu systems and one page template structure; ‘old’ WordPress used to be limited by its foundation as Blogging platform.

In June 2010 we revisited WordPress in light of problems with Joomla and excellent press regarding WordPress Version 3 – and we’ve never looked back. Version 3 is packed with new features that answered all critics – suddenly it was possible to develop complex and adaptable websites using WordPress. Here are some of the reasons we have the confidence to recommend WordPress to our clients.

Easy to manage:
You can log into WordPress from any web-browser, updating your pages and keeping the website fresh and up to date.  Take a photo on your smart phone of the latest product or announcement and you can use the WordPress app upload it direct to your website – wherever you are in the world – instantly. With Google placing greater emphasis on ‘new’ content it’s important that you can keep your website ahead of the competition: WordPress makes this easy.

Flexible Appearance:
Wordpress comes with a powerful themes system that allows your website to have a unique appearance that can be adapted to meet changing seasons and or promotions.  Getting online on a shoestring? Just pick from one of 1,457 themes freely available from the WordPress Website. If you have a budget for a customised business website then WordPress’ themes are flexible enough to enable a sophisticated and fully featured website.

Extendable Features:
Plugins can also be added to your website to increase its functionality and to give the site important features. Galleries, Social Interaction, SEO Tools – they can all be easily implemented.  If none of the 17,436 plugins meet your requirements then you can employ a WordPress Developer like Byte Insight who can use the WordPress API to produce something particular to your needs.

Sustainable Solution:
OpenSource Community solutions can often run into difficulties as members come and go.  Thanks to the vision of WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg and his company Automattic, WordPress is a sustainable choice.  Automattic fund continued development into WordPress through VIP WordPress where you pay for their expertise.  They experience running vast numbers of WordPress websites through their hosted service and finally they make it available (for free) to the community via

At Bristol Website Designer we believe that WordPress is the best CMS for many of our clients. Some clients’ requirements do not fit a mould however. So we also use a number of other frameworks such as Cakephp, Codeigniter and Magento that can be employed to meet client’s specifications.

Get in touch now and find out more about how a WordPress Website built by Byte Insight could be the website solution you have been looking for.

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