First sail leaves boat requiring repair.

On buying the boat I spent about a week setting up all the lines as per the hot boat setup shown on Contender UK. Lots of time was taken: making lovely seamless fid splices; running all the lines back to the trapeze elastic; and wasted contemplating whether I could make the centreboard hauls continuous.

I suspected the boat needed a couple of leaks fixing but it wasn’t going to stop me having a quick sail before then.

From home it looked like a perfect 13mph strong enough for the boat to sail but not so strong that I’d need to be full on wiring.   As it was when I got to the club the wind was howling around 20mph+, gusty and looking like a wise-man may bail for another day.   However, stupidity pevaled and with the support and encouragement of the Wednesday ‘Men of a certain age’ tribe encouraging me and promising to be close by in the rescue boat I headed out.

The first session went really well, I trapezed off the centerboard casing and did a couple of runs on the gunwales.  Eventually I succumbed to the inevitable capsize going to leeward and spent a while working out how to bring the boat upright without going all the way over again (capsizes 1 to 4).   Capsize 5 resulted in a snapped trapeze elastic and thus I returned to shore to repair this; make a few adjustments to line lengths; and to catch my breath before attempt two.

Session two involved a lot more sailing and even more capsizes.  I lost count but suspect we made it to double figures.   And then I had my idiot moment – I had read that one should always climb onto the centreboard from the leading edge as its thicker.  So after about three hours in the water without thinking I climbed up on the trailing edge.  In Batman style ‘twack’ it cracked and the third and final need for a some repair work came to pass.

Thankfully in the west we have a talented boat repairer who goes by the name of Pete Vincent.   Pete had been kind enough to visit/collect the boat from Chew and take it away for some much needed TLC.

Sadly, timing was not in my favour for the repair as the temperature dropped the week Pete picked the boat up and the repairs have taken sometime to complete.   However, this week I have been able to collect it and its now back at Chew ready for a sail on New Years Day at the Resolution Trophy (maybe).

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