Solo 2827

NOW SOLD. This is the Solo Sailing boat that I bought from a friend late last year as I returned to sailing. He was leaving the club and I was just joining. It felt wrong to stop him selling the boat whilst I decided what to buy and so I bought it off him as a stop gap vessel. I only sailed it a dozen times at the most before buying the Contender that can be seen on this site as well.

The boat in all its glory

Being a bit of a perfectionist I had to tweak a few things and make sure everything was working as best as could be expected for a boat of this age.  The sail is in good condition even if it is a bit tired.

Pretty much all the running rigging is new.

It did make a difference and I was no longer being left standing by the rest of the Solo fleet – more drifting off the back. That said this boat is never going to be competitive but if you just want a boat that you can sail for fun then this is an absolute bargain.

Another area where I have replaced lines.

One thing that made a huge difference was that I replaced the Centreboard Case Gasket. Prior to this I’d has a fountain entering the boat via the casing and a sea anchor slowing me down underneath. I reckon this gave me a 10% + speed increase.

New Gasket for the Centreboard

The Bad Bits

Its inevitable that a boat of this age has some bad bits.  For this boat there appear to be four issues which any buyer should be aware of.   First the foredeck/bow join had cracked and I undertook a quick repair to keep me on the water at the crucial time.  Structurally, I have done a functional job however anyone with a cosmetic concern may wish to have it repaired properly by someone – I have used Pete Vincent in the past and think he provides good value for money.

Bow Repaird with epoxy and tape.

The other area that required repair was the front of the centerboard case.  Aesthetically I’ve done a better job and IMHO now the boat has been somewhere dry for a few months I’d be tempted to sand the inside of the hull back, give it a good clean and paint it with a good two part paint.

Just needing something to blend it into the rest of the hull.

The last element of the boat that needs attention is that in my last sail in the boat I broke the Gooseneck.  The break is where the boom side pin attaches to the swivel – you can just see the break in the photo where I put the part back together for the purposes of a photo.  Parts for this Needlespar mast are now available from Hawk Marine Products and a simple phonecall/email with appropriate pictures should result in a suitable replacement part being found.

Bike Lock Key to give scale.

The boat is currently in stored in our garage; comes with a serviceable top cover and trolley.  The trolley could benefit from a replacement handle but, providing care it taken with the sharp edges, it works.  Nothing that couldn’t be fixed by someone with a little time and a welder.

Left hand side of the handle needs replacing.

This is a great boat for anyone just looking to get on the water for fun.   Or for kids to play with on a beach.   I’m open to sensible offers but the advertised price is:


Please note the road trailer base in the photo is NOT for sale.

One last photo….

No idea why…

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