Deck Camera Mount

The basis of this experiment stems from my previous attempts to make a kite rig for a normal point and shoot camera.  Now I have a boat I would like to film some sailing and needed to work out how to mount a camera onto the deck.  The idea here is that a T-piece could be attached to the forestay bow plate and then sit flat on the deck.

As I couldn’t easily buy some acrylic I decided that if it was possible to soften and remould a plastic chopping board I could probably cut out the required shape and form that as required.  This is the handle from a £1 Ikea chopping board heated with a paint stripper and twisted.  As there is quite a bit of tension in the plastic as it warms I found G-Clamping it down at one end and using an adjustable spanner on the other to create the twist worked best.  I picked adjustable spanner over pliers as they were less likely to mark the plastic while it was soft.

As I heated I made sure that all sides were heated equally and gauged how much heating was required from the tension in the spanner.   This worked well but it had to be left for sometime after to cool into the new shape.

So for the actual mount I drew a T-Piece shape onto what remained of the chopping board.

and then cut this out with an electric jigsaw.  A band-saw would definitely be better and a hand-saw worse but workable.


Then I needed to repeat the twisting process but ensuring that it remained flat on one side so you can see how I repositioned the t-piece on the workmate.

This meant I was able to twist it onto the workmate once warmed and ensure it hardened flat.  This was quite tricky as you need to make sure you don’t over heat the plastic or end up with it out of alignment in someway.

When twisting you are looking to heat it evenly and you’ll see as it warms it becomes clear on the edges and more shiney overall.  Watch out for it becoming runny and actually sticking to the workbench.

So with holes drilled into the appropriate location the mount is ready for a beta outing and that will need to wait until tomorrow – so watch this space!

Why a normal camera?

There are a number of possible camera that you might choose to use POV filming:

GoPro Hero 2 HD

  • ranges from £150 to £300 depending on whether you buy it naked or with the outdoor, motorsport or surf kit.
  • 11MB (1080px), HD & 10 Photos per Sec
  • f2.8 with 90 to 170 degree lens.
  • Its not waterproof by default so you need the waterproof surf kit.

DogCam Bullet

  • ranges from £90 to £130 depending on whether its a 65 or 135 degree lens.
  • 720px.

Pentax WG-1

  • only £196 and waterproof to 6m.
  • 14MB (1280px)
  • Adjustable focus/zoom
  • LEDs for underwater/macro filming.

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