Two little videos.

A little video from kitesurfing this weekend and one from last weekend at the Chew Solo Open.  The former is filmed using a W60 and the latter my iPhone4s. Given the quality of the iPhone I am starting to think that carrying just the iPhone and a GoPro for sports trips away is good enough – maybe the time to upgrade to the Pentax W90 is past?  A decision that can wait for fund availability.

This first movie below is a rough edit for my first time on the water this year.  What’s really helpful to see that I’m dropping my lead arm as I exit jumps and rolls – this probably accounts for my lack of forward motion on landing and hence some of the crashes.  Makes me think how helpful video analysis must be for sportspeople – is that justification for a GoPro?  Can’t wait to hit the water again to try the roll again without letting go.

Below again is a little video I put together for Chew Valley Sailing after the semi-abandoned Solo Laser open meeting.

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