The Hole

Homemade movie of discovery and invention shows how we connected our kitchen drains to the sewers so stopping the spread of kitchen muck across our garden. Gotta love those 70s builders and their misinforming plans.

Our friends seemed very concerned about us digging such a deep hole. The hole at its deepest was about 1.60m (just over 5ft). Our research showed that 4-5ft was considered the norm for shoring but it depended on the soil type and angle of the walls. Our soil, primarily clay/stone bonded in layers, most definitely sticks together so having experienced clearing a gap by the garage previously I had opted to hire a digger. The hole was structured initially as a trench so we could uncover the higher pipe. Once we had this we dug further down to discover the lower drain. Our trench reduced the hole depth on one side to about 2.5ft and our approach with the digger meant the back side was sloping away.

Once we had uncovered the pipes we were able to go about connecting them and refilling in the hole. Once the weather improves and we’ve recovered the lawn will get relaid and the garden will return to normal.

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  1. Wow!
    In fact WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!
    Should be an Olympic sport.
    Love the wellies Tx

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