Weewx to WS 2350 Weather Station

This is a continuation of the previous post and discusses the setting up of a TechnoLine (La Crosse) WS-2350 weather station with Weewx version 2.5.  When the weather station is first plugged in it shows up in the log files as below:


However, using the following command to access the /var/log/messages file while running Weewx this is not sufficient.


To explore further lsusb is required, which as part of the usbutils package is installed via ipkg.   If you have not already installed ipkg from the documentation it looks quite terrifying but it was actually quite simple.  Start by figuring out which CPU you are using – I have a Synology DS412+ so the CPU is a Intel Atom D2700.  Following instructions on the Synology Wiki, you must type the following into a terminal as root:

You should now be able to proceed with installing usbutils which will give you access to lsusb.

If you then run lsusb in the terminal you should see something like the following which shows a device as connected.


However, this is just the Serial to USB adapter (thanks RTT4) and the actual weather station is still not connected.


Thanks to further guidance from RTT4 and we can try to run

which will give no output if the correct modules (ftdi_sio.ko and usbserial.ko) are not loaded.  The modules can be loaded by typing (in this order – the other way around causes an error):



Repeating our previous test ttyUSB0 now shows up


At the time of writing support for the WS23 weather stations is in beta but thanks to MMat and his instructions it was pretty easy to add support.

Note for any version other than 2.5 this is unlikely to be correct!

1) Download the ws23xx.py driver and the wee_config_ws23xx utility:



2) Put the two files in the right place, set permissions on the utility:

cp ~/Downloads/ws23xx.py /**weewx home**/bin/weewx/drivers
cp ~/Downloads/wee_config_ws23xx /**weewx home**/bin
chmod 755 /**weewx home**/bin/wee_config_ws23xx

3) Add the ws23xx directives in weewx.conf:

station_type = WS23xx

port = /dev/ttyUSB0
driver = weewx.drivers.ws23xx

Assuming you are still in the /volume1/homes/weewx/system folder you can run the following line to start weewx

and should see something like:



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