Solo 4060

Currently for sale on Apollo Duck, this lightly built 1996 Severn Sailboats Solo is in fantastic condition due to having very little use over her lifetime. First owner had her for a couple of seasons racing very successfully. Second owner sailed her lightly and kept her for ~10+ years in undercover storage. I have had her since 2011 and have replaced all the lines, had tape put around floor/cockpit join to strengthen this lightly built area and had the floor painted. The hull has been speed polished. The mast is a SuperSpars M7

She will be sold with two old but still v. crisp (Edge/Hood) sails in good condition, a 2yr old canvas top cover, a bottom cover and 2 other pvc covers including one for the road. There is a combi-trailer and launching trolley which has recently had new carpet/astro fitted to the rear support.

She is a competitive boat and will hold her own against the newer plastics. The ground I lose in races is of my own doing and not that of the boat. In the right hands she is capable of leading the fleet.

If you do buy her, be prepared for complements! She is a very attractive boat with a practical fibreglass Racing Green hull and a varnished wooden top side – once described by a Cherub sailor as a beautiful sideboard! The foils are in fantastic condition especially for their age and look amazing.

I’m selling because sadly don’t have time for her at the moment. She is such a lovely boat she deserves to be sailed regularly – with the little leisure time I do have being spent with my family doing sports that we both enjoy.  Here are some photos taken this weekend in rather wet and dull conditions.

Here are some pictures from early 2012 before I had the work done and replaced the lines.

The original severn relied on a simple light epoxy gasket to hold the vertical side tank to the double skin floor of the boat.  Over time (18 years) this had weakened so I sent her to Jo Line at the Boat Repair Centre and then later to Andy Hewitt at Wessex Sailboats to have the same work done around the mast foot (photos below)

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