Outwell Country Road Drive Away Awning

This is the product image but the awning for sale is the same model / color etc. Photos below.


This is a drive-away awning that came with our recent van purchase. We were told by the previous owner it had only been used a couple of times and an inspection would seem to suggest this. Described by the manufacturer as:

With great headroom, the Country Road drive-away awning offers fast extra living space for two people with the option of an inner tent as a bedroom. Fully featured, the awning can be left freestanding on site and re-connected quickly on return, adding great flexibility to motorhomes and van campers.

We have not used and/or erected the awning so included in the buy it now price is the chance to erect the awning and check it is as you expect.

It comes with the inner tent, carpet and door mat.

You might want to look at the product homepage or pitching video.

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