VW T5 2.5L 174BHP LWB Tailgate Camper Van

NOW SOLD! For sale is our long wheelbase (LWB) T5 Transporter T32 van in Reflex Silver with the popular but rare 2.5 Litre 174BHP AXE engine. Other benefits include a tailgate, tow hitch, two tinted side windows and a tinted rear window in the tail gate. The van was first registered in 2004 and has completed 177K miles with its 3 owners (2 were the same driver). We have copies of recent AA buyer (HPI) checks for review.  The van has just completed a week long trip to North Devon where it has performed faultlessly even powering us up and over the infamous Porlock Hill. We achieved over 550 miles on a tank of fuel during the week.

Service History

Although the van has a high mileage this is not unusual for a VW T4/T5, and the service history is almost complete. We have a VW Service Certificate to show  the van was serviced every 20K and/or annually from 0 miles to 137K.  The Turbo and Fuel Pump were both replaced under warranty at 58K and 87K respectively.  We have verbal information from the previous owner to suggest that the van was serviced annually between 137K and 177K before we took ownership.

Since owning the vehicle from Feb 2014 we have:

  • Major service and MOT from a VW Dealer.  This included replacing the drop links and oil filler Spout replacement.
  • Replaced the Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) and Clutch (£930)
  • Replaced the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Value and Exhaust Manifold  (£1094)
  • Fitted a Cybox Twin Pipe Duplex Stainless Steel Exhaust System (£325) (See Gallery Below)


Unlike many vehicles of this age the van benefits from a tidy cockpit. There are no dashboard holes and the seats are in good condition.  In the rear, the van is fully prepared for conversion into a camper and has been: protected against rust with Waxoyl; fully flash banded (for sound insulation); and then thermally insulated with Sheeps Wool insulation and silver foil bubble wrap. It is fitted with an Amdro Conversions floor (Cost £308) which is T-Nutted from below and ready for either Amdro furniture or your own designs to be fitted.

The van has brand new 12V and 240V camper electrics installed. There is a 110AH leisure battery from TravelVolts located under the drivers seat. A CTEK multi-stage mains chargerBEP Marine Split Charge Relay and other fuse boxes under the passenger seat. In the back there are 2 x 240V and 2 x 12 V sockets on the offside and 2 x 12V plus Fridge and Pump supplies on the near side mounted in custom laser cut black panels.

The cost of preparing the van to this standard was over £1250.

The Bad Points

With a vehicle of this age there are always going to be some wear and tear. For this van the body work has its fair share of dings and dents. These are really only noticeable on close inspection or from certain angles. The dents are due to the previous owner being a canoeist. The top edge of the tail gate has also suffered so we had intended to fit a rear spoiler and put the van into the body shop but clearly now we have had a change of plan.


NOT included in the auction sale are the Amdro furniture, Fiamma Pull Out Awning and Alloys that will be seen in some of the conversion photos on this website.

Included in the auction sale are: a roof rack; and a spare set of steel rims in better condition than those supplied on the vehicle.

It might be possible to negotiate the purchase of the Amdro Furniture if the buyer would prefer ready built units rather than purchasing flat-packed units from Amdro or building their own. The price of the 5 furniture units is £3092 which is the list price and includes all the cushions, fridge, cooker etc. – what you are saving is the build and finishing time.

Almost 10 months MOT (Feb 2015) and Road Tax (31 Aug 2014).

Why are we selling?

Having come into some extra money since purchasing the van we have decided we would like to invest in a newer/younger van with a lower mileage.