Pimping Blue

Without doubt there has to be a little cosmetic pimping so the van looks less builders and more like a camper/activity fun bus.


After some deliberation at what size wheels to go with.   I wanted to stay close to what VW do themselves for all the obvious technical reasons.  I also wanted reasonable tyre wall depth for the those activity moments.  In the end I opted for 18″ Alloy Wheels (Van Rated and TUV Approved) from Race and Road.  I had bought these for the previous van so they are rated for a T32 so plenty strong enough for this newer T30.

Pullout Awning

We had a silver cased F32 Pro on the last van but the guy who bought the van wanted it in the deal.  Although this was a pain as it left us with the expense of buying a new one it also meant I had a chance to get a F45s in deep black.   What frustrated me was the lack of knowledge at the companies identifying themselves on the web as FiammaDepot, FiammaStore or AgentFiamma and in the end after reading a VWt4Forum thread I got in touch with Nick Limpkin at John Cross Motorhomes who replied with:

It looks like your friend has bought the awning and the brackets separately, the brackets will come with a adapter to negate the need of the VW Rail however Fiamma are adamant that you will require the VW Dealer fitted multi-rail for the VWT5 F35 brackets but they have also pointed out that those brackets are for LHD vehicles, you will have to mount it on the right hand side of the vehicle, no RHD brackets exist.

The best solution will be the following: http://www.johnscross.co.uk/fiamma-f45s-260-deep-black.html and the following brackets Kit VWT5 Transporter Multivan UK (PN:17747) for £57 which hangs over the edge of the roof rather sitting right on top and come with the adapter so you will not need the rail from VW.

If you wish to order it will be free delivery so call us on the number below and if I can be of anymore assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

We managed to fit this over one evening although did a really bad job of photographing the process.


Side Bars

We’ve just ordered some black sidebars to go with our black Fiamma awning from Van Style.


On order are some 30mm Eibach springs as fitted by VW for the Sportline.  We had considered the H&R soft springs but concerns over bottoming out and a desire to keep things OEM led us this way.  Helped by Mr Ed, it took a while to complete the nearside as we were getting the tools together, testing different methods and finding our way.  However we did eventually get the new spring installed and the strut back onto the van.  Although we are quite proud of the way we used the bottle jack to pop the struct of the hub. We moved quickly onto the offside and within moment encountered a frozen/rusted drop link and at this point our fun ended for the evening.  I would recommend that anyone attempting to lower their van just accepts the potential fate and replaces theirs with some new Anti-Roll Drop Links (7H5-411-317/B) from JKCampers which are half the price of OEM ones from VW.  The one tool we could not have completed this job with out was my mates’ bottle jack that he found years ago as a child whilst out cycling and before he owned his first car.  We used it all the time to ease things up/down and apart.  We could have managed without the car jack but not without the bottle jack!


Hopefully these mudflaps from Van Style will stop some of the splatter…

Pending Pimp List

Product Total Supplier Notes
SURFERS Sand_JPG Curtains £80 VWCamperCurtains Surfers Range – Sand
2de93bee0e574a627706ab83c178987 Floor Mat £30 MegaVanMats Black with Blue/Black Edge
version1-01 Decals £?? TBC Designed by Henry; fitted by Jason (maybe); & hindered by Me!
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