Weather Station date keeps resetting.

So this post relates to a bad shutdown for my CubieTruck that resulted in the date being wrong which in turn meant I was getting records for 2010 when it was 2015. This is for a Vantage Vue but would probably work for other stations as well.

So basically, I realised I have a problem when the data was not longer updating on my website and Wunderground has reported a problem with the sending of data. Nothing was being updated because the readings were all apparently in the past.

When I reset the Davis receiver it would after a short while show as being 2010 again. Eventually I realised that the CubiteTruck was running in 2010.

The CubieTruck has been running OK on lubuntu 13 LTS for a couple of years so this was a new problem. My first step was to do a dist-upgrade thinking that this would be a good a time as any and funnily enough this solved the time problem.

I also installed ntp as a back up

Next step was to reset the Davis Base Station so batteries out / power down and then a complete restart.

Next I cleared and dumped the database.

Lastly I needed to clear all the rubbish data that I had accumulated from 2010 to 2015 when the station was not actually operational and/or in this location.

Then deleted everything in the old public_html folder.

Before running the wee_reports command to see what it generated.

From here I was able to check that only the correct reports for NOAA had been generated and that everything was OK.

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