Film Society

In the bygone days videos and films were rented from shops on reflective pieces of plastic and magnetic rolls of ribbon. This is a software development task and an implementation task. (Taken from OCR 2507 Task 1 Jun 2006) […]


Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball is a toy used for fortune-telling or seeking advice, manufactured by Mattel and developed in the 1950s. Often used in fiction and for humour related to it giving very accurate, very inaccurate, or otherwise statistically improbable. […]


Cellular Automata

A cellular automaton is a collection of “colored” cells on a grid of specified shape that evolves through a number of discrete time steps according to a set of rules based on the states of neighboring cells. […]

No Picture


In the third experiment provided by OCR (credit @Rob_Bishop ) you are shown how to interact with Twitter via the API. […]

Raspberry Pi

Network Configuation

One problem with using a Raspberry Pi in school is that you are protected from evil-web-ness by the PxxxY. You see we cannnot even say the word without getting this page blocked too. […]