This challenge is based around conversions between text and morse code.   It could be done as a straightforward Python program but if completed on a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or similar then it could be linked into the GPIO pins and a LED output could be produced. You can use the morse code files located here.

The Task

Read in the morse code file into a dictionary so letters can easily be converted to their morse code equivalent.

Some Helpful Hints.

This is not a complete solution but it should help you get started and providing you read carefully you should be able to figure out the missing steps.


Step1: Start by opening the file I have provided below using the open command.

Notice how we are using r as we are reading from the file. Once the file is open you can loop through the lines as shown on the linked page and below

Test this is working by printing out each line.


Step 2: Each line consists of a letter and the corresponding morse code.  They are separated by tabs.  We are going to store our text file in a Python Dictionary (aka Associative Array aka Key Value Array) but before we can do this we must split each line using

With the split done we should store our key/values into a dictionary.

Notice that I have used strip() to remove unnecessary rubbish from the ends of the keys and values and don’t forget to declare the dictionary first


Step 3: Now you have your morse code dictionary loaded you are ready to get words from the command line.   You can use the raw_input command to achieve this.

Before we can process the input we must split our word into an list (aka array) of single letters

With the letters in a list we are now in a position to loop through the letters finding the corresponding morse codes and transmit them.


Step 4: To find each code you will want to use the following command

Note how I’m converting the letter to uppercase to match the uppercase letters in the text file.

Possible Extension

On a Raspberry Pi you could output the message as a series of LED flashes.

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