Sith 2005

This is an algorithm trace task. No implementation is required.

Read the following algorithm.

trace20572005t.jpg - 12/2015

(Ai) Copy and complete the table below to show successive values of each of the variables when the input data is 3, 1, 1. [10]

trace20572005t2.jpg - 12/2015

(Aii) Copy and complete the table below to show the results of your trace. [1]

trace20572005t2b.jpg - 12/2015

(B) The above algorithm produces a pattern for entering numbers into a square array. Use this pattern to complete a copy of Table 2.3 if the input is 7, 3, 2. [9]

trace20572005t2c.jpg - 12/2015

(Ci) Explain what would happen if the input data were 8, 1, 1. [2]

(Cii) Explain how to modify the algorithm so that it provides an appropriate response to this data. [3]

This task was worth 25 Marks.  It was a software development task and an implementation task that orginally appeared in OCR 2507 Task 2 Jun 2005.  All rights and copyright to OCR.  Please refer to the OCR Copyright Statement for further information.

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