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The Zumo Robot shield comes with a buzzer that can be used to signify events or actions.  

The Pololu Zumo Robot is a dual motor rubber tracked robot that fits inside the 10cm x 10cm rule for Mini Sumo Robot Competitions (Click here to see a video). Powered by 4 x AA Batteries it is controlled by an Arduino Uno and the Zumo Robot Shield working in tandem.

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The robot is fitted with:

  • Six reflectance sensors that can be used for edge detection and line following.
  • A buzzer for simple sounds and alerting to states and issues.
  • A 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyro for detecting impacts and tracking orientation

but it can also be fitted with additional sensors such as ultra-sonics for obstacle avoidance.


The robot comes fitted with an LED on pin13 (as per the Arduino) and a button that can be used to start/stop the Arduino during battles and tests.  The following script shows how the button could be used to switch the LED on and off.



This project is based on ARDX 2 from Oomlout and uses multiple LEDs to create simple patterns.  It gets its name from Glen A. Larsen who wrote the Knight Rider TV Series.  It uses for loops, which are one of the key repetition constructs in computing.


 Start by gathering your parts together:

Step 1: Build your circuit

ArduinoCircuit3.jpg - 11/2015

Step 2: Write your code

ArduinoProject3.jpg - 11/2015

Upload your code and enjoy.

Step 3: Extensions

  1. Try and program the following patterns 1ON 2ON 1OFF 3ON 2OFF 4ON 3OFF and so on.
  2. Try and program the following pattern: 1+4ON 2+3ON so the LEDs light from the ends towards the middle.
  3. Try lighting the LEDs from the middle outwards