Weewx QNAP

Docker makes creating a weewx installation on a lieghtweight and non RPi computer much easier.   Start by creating a Ubuntu Docker container (not LXC although I’m certain it can be done this way!)

And set the network

Install the required packages. The -y stops an Error debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog error because we are running headless.

Now grab the latest version of weewx.

Next expand and move into the source folder

Now build and install Weewx following the on-screen prompts.

Now we can set Weewx up as a daemon automatically when the computer starts:

Ubuntu Docker does not install the rsyslog by standard so we must do that. Finally you can check the logs.

Its probably high treason but I like nano over Vi or Vim and its required for the next step.

#And if you want to work across SSH then you’ll need the server too and will need to add a user to the system. I also find its useful to change the /home/weewx folder ownership to my SSH user.

If you are not sure the IP address allocated to the Docker images you can install Network tools which gives access to ifconfig

You may also need to install a webserver such as Apache (First Command) but to remove the ServerName error you must add it to the ServerName directive to the config.

I like to link to the web root. The penultimate command should show the simlink has been created and the final command will run the report service and should create the weewx files at the webserver root.

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