About Me

I am a reliable computer scientist, teacher, and sound engineer and a resourceful diy of-all-trades in my spare time. I have combined sound knowledge of electrical/audio and computer theory with a full range of teaching, leadership and instructing practice including within high risk environments.   (See below for a full record of my employment.)

With a deep passion for learning (see below for a full qualification list), it is no surprise that I have found great enjoyment in teaching. I have over 13 years experience at ages 6 to 60+ including outdoor instruction and traditional classroom teaching.

Experienced in working in teams and managing both people and projects to ensure that objectives are met to the highest standard. I have demonstrated excellent communication skills within both business and education/teaching sectors.

In addition to extensive experience working and teaching Python and Java I have considerable knowledge of Web Application Development including PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and Javascript/JQuery. Currently my web platforms of choice are WordPress and Django.

From an early age I have had keen interest in the outdoors.  I enjoy spending time in our wild garden, walking in the countryside and exploring our national parks and fabulous coastline. With my wife I currently enjoy going to the gym, Kitesurfing and Cycling.  I also harbour a mild obsession with the weather and an interest in STEM projects, such as building and programming robots/control type systems.

I’m now a self employed property management specialist who specialises in domestic electrical work, landlord assistance and small-scale forestry.