Date Description
up to 2000 Mother was a guide leader – dragged on 1st camp when six months old and then through Cubs, Scouts and Venture Scouts until 18. Also spent five or so years sailing including teaching. Could never remember all the stuff I have done or did and that was before a few years away from it all. Restarting in about 1998.
Sept 2000 UCR Skills Course – Improvised Rescue – 3 Parts (12 Hrs)
Aug 2000 UCR Skills Course – Site specific route setters course – 8 Hrs
Mar 2001 Passed UCR Site specifc supervisors award
Mar 2001 BMC Disability Workshop
Oct 2001 Assesed to be able to run Adult & Child Beginners Courses at UCR
Jan 2001 Organised and ran Univiersity of Bristol climbing trip to spain. 14 Participants inc. 3 beginners and 2 Novices
06/01/2002 to 7/01/2002 Johnathan Conville Scotish Winter Skills Course 2002 – based at Ardenbeg Centre, Day 1 – Crampon and Axe technique

Day 2 – Snow belays and shelter. Both days included work on navagation.

23/07/2002 to 25/07/2002 Johnathan Conville Alpine Skills Course 2002 – based in Chamonix. Day 1 – Crampon and Axe technique on dry glacier. Day 2 – Walk in to Refuge d’Albert followed by Glacier rescue in afternoon. Day 3 – Aigulle du Tour via South Route (F+)
Sept 2002 BMC FUNdementals of Climbing Workshop for instructors teaching young children.
Dec 2002 UCR Review Techniques Session – ran by Guy Jarvis