Route Setting

Date Location RouteNo Colour Grade DM ForeRunner Comments
16/8/2000 UCR 66 Green 5B RonB D Added 2 Footholds down low
8/9/00 UCR 11 Pink 6A D Ron One Hold Moved
17/9/00 UCR 19 Blue 6B+ Paul S Paul S Holds Checked.
25/9/00 UCR 2 Orange 5B Brian Adam M Very Nice!
28/9/00 UCR 8 Blue 6A+ D CNG Holds OK.
1/10/00 UCR 2 Green 6B RB Alcock.
2/10/00 UCR 16A White 6A+ RB Piers H Upgraded from 6A
4/10/00 UCR 21 Yellow 6C Dan Delors Sam Mitchell
4/11/00 UCR C Blue 6B Brian Comer Ron Nicest non bridging corner route ever!!
16/11/00 UCR 18 Black 6B D Paul W Big and Juicy
8/12/00 UCR 57 Green 6A Ron B Ron B Top Rope Comp Route.
8/12/00 UCR 66 Blue 6B Ron B Ron B Top Rope Comp Route
19/12/00 UCR 52/FIN Blue 6B+ D Sam M Wicked Mate!
10/01/01 UCR 42 Blue 5A D Sam Nice One Mate
29/01/01 UCR 3 Black 6A+ Sam Sam Shite!
4/03/01 UCR 15 Black 6C Brian Ron B Comp Route
14/03/01 UCR 22A Black 6B+ Brian D
2/04/01 UCR 17 Blue/White 6A Brian Marcus
10/04/01 UCR 21 Grey 6B+ Sam M Sam M
20/05/01 UCR 27 Pink 5A Sam M
7/06/01 UCR A Blue 6B+ Ron B Sam Tovey
13/06/01 UCR 62 Green 5B D Matt W.
14/06/01 UCR 24 Blue/White 5A Brian
23/08/01 UCR D Cream 6C Marie B Nick A One hold adjusted.
3/09/01 UCR B Black 6A Sam Dave C Stiff at top.
12/09/01 UCR 21 Blue 6C D Paul W
12/09/01 UCR 21 Red 6B Sam Ali B
1/10/01 UCR 5 Red 6B+ Sam Ali B
9/10/01 UCR 8 Orange 5C Brian Ron B
9/10/01 UCR 17 Lgt Blue 6B+ Brian Nick A.
14/12/01 UCR 17 Yello 7A Brian Mike Dawes.
20/12/01 UCR 10 Green 6B Ruth Ruth T
04/05/02 UCR 19/20 Blue 6A CMD Keith M
05/08/02 UCR F Orange 6B+ CMD Beccy A
26/08/02 UCR 23 Green 6C+/7A CMD Donald
6/9/02 UCR D Yellow 6C CMD Ron B Bryccs
6/9/02 UCR 6 Red 6C+ CMD Ron B Bryccs
22/11/02 UCR 21 Green/Black 7A CMD Ron B Lead Comp
23/12//02 UCR 13 Lgt Green 6A CMD Alan Jones
17/02/03 UCR 20 Orange and Black 6C+ CMD Ron B Lead Comp.