Weewx Byte Weather Template

Someone has asked if I would share my weather template.  Of course I am completely chuffed that someone thinks it is good enough.   You can download it from Github.com/davies-barnard/Byteweather.  Few things to note about it:

  1. It uses the 960.gs grid system for layout and you could easily modify this if you wanted to.
  2. The background comes from patterncooler.com so again this should be easy to change.
  3. If you wanted to create a new favicon with your new background pattern I suggest using the dynamic drive tool.
  4. If you want to change the Wunderground Sticker you will need to edit the index, weekly, monthly and yearly html files.
  5. It’s completely untested and I have not touched the mobile/smart phone versions!  There are some beta issues which I need to look at such as no bottom margins and a bigger header section on one page but here is something for now.

Installing the Template

These are the steps you must do.
  1. Copy my Byteweather.zip file into your skins folder
  2. Unzip it there and check the contents.  It should like the example below.
  3. Open the weewx.conf file and change Skin = Standard to Skin = ByteWeather
  4. Delete your public_html folder.
  5. Run ./bin/wee_reports weewx.conf.
  6. Check that it works.
  7. Stop and restart weewx for the main system to register the new skin.



And here it is.


5 Comments on “Weewx Byte Weather Template”

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll take a look asap and see what the issue is. I suspect its something in the skin.conf that needs updating inline with the default skin.



  1. We determined that this was an error with Weewx 3.2.0 initially that was resolved. The skin should still work.

  2. I love this skin. The only thing I don’t understand is in your screenshot, it shows the content taking the width of the browser minus a small margin. Regardless of the browser, I have huge margins on either side of the content. I’m not well versed in css to grasp the concept at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks for a great skin!

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